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 What Others Are Saying

Rarely does a book come along that captures your complete attention, contains vital information that is deep, yet easy to understand, one that keeps you coming back every day for more—this is The Perfect Journey. The text, sidebars, outstanding coloring style, and imaginative graphics keep you focused while the excellent writing stimulates your mind and challenges your soul. It will grow your thirst for the Bible, which will give you the spiritual nourishment we all so desperately need. Theology is presented in a non-theological way that is easy to understand. The Perfect Journey can change the life of anyone who reads it, including children, teenagers, parents, grand-parents, missionaries, pastors, and especially unbelievers. I urge you to read this phenomenal book and then persuade others to do the same. —Pastor M.S.

… The fire continues to burn within me for my God. I want you to understand that the book The Perfect Journey is awesome & truly is a blessing to my growth in knowing more about my Creator and Lord. Thank you so much for the gift. God is still in control & the head of my life. —Death Row Prisoner

Thank you for the intensive and extensive effort you put into this book. God’s plan for our lives could not possibly be delineated better or more precisely. This book, although aimed at the new Christian, has important truths we all need to review. —M.B.

I'm fully enjoying reading The Perfect Journey book as it encapsulates many Bible teachings with applications to everyday life. It’s great to find a study tool in an easy-to-read format to help put time-tested Biblical truths as cookies on the bottom shelf. I’ve already given away several copies and I’m ordering more. Thank you all for making this available! —D.O.

I was amazed at the breadth and depth of this book. This is the most comprehensive book I’ve ever seen concerning being a believer in Christ. The layout is compelling and drew me in at every page turn. And every page is chock full of important information that is concise and well written. This book is a huge undertaking done to perfection. Bravo. —D.R.


This book is unbelievable! It is absolutely a Godsend. It is so organized. It is made for everybody that is hungry for the truth. I am so impressed. As a 50-plus year ministry working with youth, I am so thankful to have this tool. There are many things about this book that I believe will make a difference in so many lives. I am certain it will enable many people to discover their destiny and make a difference in such a dark time of our history.Ranger G.H.


The Perfect Journey is a Christian book that should be on every person’s bedside, in every family's home, and in every church.  It is a book that takes you on a perfect journey of soul and spirit. It is biblically sound yet is psychologically astute. It is readable, full of wonderful illustrations, sequential and grips the heart and head. —G.T., MTh, LPC, LMFT, Christian Counselor

This is the most carefully crafted, compelling book for new Christians that I have ever seen. The width and breadth and depth—yet simplicity—of The Perfect Journey is astounding. —R.C.

I’m very impressed with the book. The more I read the more and more I’m impressed. It’s a real jewel! —J.L.

Incredibly well written, especially in the condensation of complex concepts without the omission of vital details. The textual reading is not at all burdensome, nor superficial and the illustrations provoke curiosity for “What’s next?”

The “First Things First” section is so poignant in presenting “building blocks,” upon which the gospel rests and is described. It really serves to defuse the great majority of typical reasons/excuses that many use for not trying to understand Christianity.

The book’s focus on our personal needs, God’s plan to supply them, along with His power, ability and willingness to do so, is clear, pointed, helpful and enormously encouraging. This focus truly leads us from a life of chaos to confident living in Christ. —C. and J.

The Perfect Journey is a great resource for all believers. It provides the truths of the Gospel with clear and biblical definitions and it is in an easy to read format. It is a handbook that you can use daily in your journey with Christ. It covers all of the important topics and issues for Christians and you’ll also have biblical references to encourage you and help others understand God’s Word. This is a great tool for Bible study leaders, teachers, pastors, youth leaders and all who are His disciples. —B.B., Christian Radio Network

I’m very impressed with the book. The more I read the more and more I’m impressed. It’s a real jewel! —J.L.

Wow! What a publication! I have been blessed already by the simple format and concise presentation of Bible Truth. It is like a “Cliff’s Notes” of biblical theology. I love the color coding of the various divisions as it makes for a quick find when looking for a particular subject. It is true to the Scripture yet simply expressed so as to make it the ideal companion to one’s Bible. — Rev. J.B.


The Perfect Journey is a book that is well organized and valuable to demonstrate the need for a Messiah and that Jesus is the only wise choice. From that decision that brings a “new birth” the reader is led through many practical issues of the walk of faith, learning how to identify obstacles to avoid along the way and producing fruit to honor the King of kings. It is not a book to skim lightly, but rather one to savor slowly.Pastor D.F. 


I love the book. It is an answer to prayer. The style and context are great as is the writing. I think it is a major league book that needs to get out there. —C.G.


Amazing! This book is awesome. People desperately need this information. May the Lord use it to change Heaven and earth! —B.A.


I just love, love this book! It has everything I’ve been wanting to share with my kids about God, sin, redemption, reason for being here and the life hereafter in a very concise yet engaging manner ... pure and simple. It addresses thought-provoking questions from a biblical perspective. The layout is easy to follow with inspirational biblical insights throughout each page, including quotes from well-known Christians. As a busy homeschool mom, this is great way to impart profound truths at the start of each day to my kids in a matter of minutes. —A.W.

I received the books already. What a blessing!! I love the format of the book. It catches your attention really quickly with all the pictures and its design as well. I read some of it already and it is really sound!! I have already distributed some of them to the brothers at our men’s group this morning and a co-worker yesterday. They were happy and thanked me for the book. I said to them “This book has done some traveling to get into your hands; God has a plan for you.”  —R.H.