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ONE-2-ONE Ambassador Partner Program

Pure & Simple Ministries’ ONE-2-ONE Ambassador project is a unique and powerful tool designed specifically to help individuals, churches, ministries and other Christian organizations fulfill the Great Commission—Jesus’ mandate to make disciples.

The ONE-2-ONE Ambassador Program is an innovative, easily implemented complement to any existing outreach effort. The key to the success of the ONE-2-ONE methodology is its unrelenting focus on providing non-threatening ways in which even the most reticent among us can fulfill God’s command to become Ambassadors for Christ.

The making of disciples is a three-part process. Go, baptize, and teach (Matthew 28:19–20). The ONE-2-ONE Ambassador program seeks to help fulfill all three parts of this process by providing The Perfect Journey.

This powerful book helps launch new and growing believers into a meaningful and joyful life as strong Christians.

Although the Bible commands every believer to be an ambassador for Christ, the reality is that the majority of us are too shy or hesitant to fulfill this command.

The ONE-2-ONE Ambassador Program relies on participants using a personal approach rather than blanket canvassing or approaching strangers.

The most hesitant and shy—those who just cannot bring themselves to ring that doorbell or start that conversation—each have personal friends and relatives with whom they interact easily and routinely.

Those very same friends and relatives struggle to cope with difficult family and worldly problems—entirely on their own without Christ.

Now what might have once appeared to be an impossible task becomes a simple matter of handing someone you already know a gift that may change his or her life forever.

The program framework paves the way to allow even the most reticent of participants to experience the thrill of effectively spreading God’s Word in a way that poses no threat to either their own sense of well being or the person with whom they are talking.

A growing church with an invigorated and active congregation will contribute mightily to the growth of the body of Christ. The ONE-2-ONE Ambassador Program is the perfect tool for the perfect journey: the path leading to a relationship with God.

We are the messengers of outreach. We are the ambassadors for Christ. This is not a part-time job for special occasions. It is an everyday job. The position of part-time ambassador doesn't exist.

We live in desperate times. Spiritual warfare is at an all-time high. Prepared believers, who understand God's will for their lives, are the only hope of victory against Satan and the ultimate glorification of God.

Won't you join us today?