About Pure & Simple Ministries

Some 3,500 years ago Moses led the Children of Israel out of Egypt. They took a three-week journey and managed to stretch it out to 40 years. They wandered in confusion and disarray the entire time.

Today far too many Christians spend their entire lives wandering aimlessly or with little direction and not enjoying  the wonderful strength, power and joy of the Christian life.

A small group of dedicated Christians became concerned about this situation and united to establish and develop a ministry to provide sound, accurate teaching of foundational Christian truths to new and growing believers.

  • The focus of the ministry is the Person of Jesus Christ. We seek to have all our materials biblically based, with sound doctrine, and a clear message exalting the name, the work and the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We believe the local church is the primary means through which believers grow. This ministry seeks to supplement, not replace, the regular teaching and worship in the local church. We believe this partnership will strengthen the local church.
  • We seek to pursue our mission in collaboration and partnership with individuals, churches, missionaries, evangelists, Christian organizations and other organizations who share our vision.

Pure & Simple Ministries is a non-denominational, 501(c)(3) registered non-profit independent ministry, guided by a Board of Trustees and supported by the gifts of individuals, churches, ministries and other organizations. 


We strive to build Bible-Powered Believers who know Christ in a difference-making way.


To partner with others, to help support their outreach to evangelize, witness and build the Church.

To make The Perfect Journey available, so our friends and partners can immediately implement an outreach program to evangelize and bring many to Christ.

To grow new believers and current believers with sound Bible teaching provided in The Perfect Journey.